Clean Getaway is dedicated to providing education, prevention and treatment
resources to those suffering from drug addiction and/or alcoholism.

We are a collective of musicians that are spreading the message of recovery through music.

About The Founder

Ricky Byrd

Ricky Byrd

My name is Ricky Byrd and I have been clean and sober since Sept 25, 1987...taking it one day at a time.

I am also a musician who is honored and humbled to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a former original member of Joan Jett and The Blackhearts in April of 2015. As well as playing with Joan from 1981-1992, I have recorded and toured with Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter, Southside Johnny and many others.

As Founder of the Clean Getaway Foundation and Musical Director of the Clean Getaway All-Star Band it is my mission to help carry the torch of change surrounding the stigma of drug and alcohol abuse.

The goal of Clean Getaway is to break down the barriers and spread the message of hope, education, awareness and addiction resources to the sick and suffering and their families using the healing powers of music as a touchstone. Whether it's through our Concert Events, Music Outreach Sessions or Early Education and Prevention programs, everything we do is geared towards:

• Helping the active Addict/Alcoholic looking for a way out.
• Reinforcing the benefits of a sober lifestyle to those in recovery.
• Talking to kids who are at that age where peer pressure and experimenting can lead down a crooked and deadly path.
• Educating those out there that are somehow unaware and uninformed of the deadly drug and alcohol pandemic we are facing in this country.

As a songwriter, my job is to make people laugh, cry and think. I’ve played my songs in the most intimate of rooms as well as to hundreds of thousands all over the world. I know the power of the word. I have finally found a way to combine my music and my sobriety into a message of hope and it’s been nothing short of a blessing.

Clean Getaway’s Unplugged Music groups began in May of 2014. As part of the unplugged sessions I bring songs about recovery to various treatment and detox centers. I share my story, play my music and the message quickly resonates and becomes our music. Park Ave or park bench, young or old, man or woman…an addict is an addict, an alcoholic is an alcoholic. The specifics might be different, but after the first drink or drug all bets are off for the lot of us. I see the faces as I sing, the tears, the smiles, the thoughts and know I am doing my job as a songwriter. They come into the room a bit beat up and leave a bit happier. Yes, I have found my calling.

As Musical Director of the “Clean Getaway All Stars” I’ve assembled a line-up of stellar nationally known musicians that you’ve all grown up listening to who come together to carry the message of hope through our slammin R’n’R /Soul concert performances.

Our mission is to show people you can Rock and you can Roll and you can be clean and sober doin’ it!! Our goal is to come to your town…share the message of hope, provide addiction resources, education and awareness and to ultimately raise the roof and raise some money to help the still sick and suffering. For a long time I was part of the problem….now I am proud to be part of the solution. Learn More